We've been selling cupcakes at markets for well over 12 months now, and still don't have signage for our flavours that I'm at all happy with. I must be honest and tell you that when I first started selling cupcakes I was really only doing it as a way for people to taste our cake to make sure they liked it before they ordered a celebration cake for their next special occasion. But everyone loved them so much, they very quickly became a staple at all of our markets! (Cupcakes really should be a staple part of every diet anyway - isn't portion control the big thing in diets? Perfect size!) Anyway, I digress...


I've been trying to think of a simple sentence full of describing words to sum up each flavour so when someone reads it on a little sign by our cupcakes at markets they know what a treat they're in for, but this is harder than is appears (well, for me at least!), without sounding corny or tacky or arrogant! So this is where I'd love YOUR help. If you've tried any of our cupcakes before, ever, I'd love to hear how YOU would describe the flavours and/or textures to someone who hadn't had the good fortune to do so yet.


Let me try and give you an example...

"Chocolate Mud Cake - a decadently rich, but not heavy, moist cupcake full of chocolatey goodness, topped with creamy chocolate ganache"


Do you get what I'm after? Well since we have a few flavours, we need a few descriptive sentences! And here are the flavours we need covered:

    • Chocolate Mud
    • Chocolate Chilli Mud
    • White Chocolate Mud
    • White Chocolate & Raspberry Swirl
    • Passionfruit Mud
    • Moist Chocolate
    • Magnolia Vanilla
    • Banana
    • Choc Mint
    • Lemon Curd
    • Red Velvet
    • Jaffa (choc orange)
    • Gluten Free Chocolate


So pop your thinking caps on, get your thesaurus out, and leave your suggestions right here on the blog! If I use your sentence, I'll be sending you a voucher for a free cupcake in that flavour for you to use at any market we're at. Leave as many suggestions as you can come up with, you just could score a 6 pack of cupcakes!