When you're thinking about what food to serve at your little girl's party, these adorable 'tea cup' biscuits would be right up there on many people's list, and for good reason! They're quick and easy to make, they're yummy and above all, they're super cute.

Tea cup biscuits

(Photo courtesy of Kidspot)


If you haven't made them before, let me give you a quick how to...


You'll need:

1 packet Arnott's Tic Toc Biscuits

1 packet marshmellows (preferably pink and white)

1 packet of freckles

1 packet of musk lifesavers

small amount of icing or melted chocolate


What to do:

Lay out your TicToc biscuits on a tray or platter, icing side facing up.

Put a small dob of icing or melted chocolate in the centre of the biscuits and sit a marshmellow on top.

Put another small dob of icing/chocolate on top of the marshmellow and stick a freckle on each one.

Cut lifesavers in half.

Stick lifesavers to marshmellows with two more small dobs of icing/chocolate.



How you can theme them:

  1. Purchase white marshmellows and dip them in food colouring, then leave to dry before using, to match any colour scheme
  2. Instead of using freckles on the tops, dip marshmellow top in melted chocolate and then in single colour sprinkles (chocolate sprinkles are great)
  3. Make your own biscuits and cut out a circle of fondant the same size in the colour of your choice. You can even emboss the fondant if you like!


But let me introduce you to the new kid on the block! These incredibly gorgeous macaron tea cups (made by Cakepop Shoppe and featured on Catch My Party) have got me hook, line and sinker!! All the same versatility of the original tea cup cookies but in a new, and perhaps slightly more upmarket twist. I hope you love them as much as I do!


Macaron tea cup biscuits

(Image courtesy of Catch My Party)