In case you've been under a rock or hiding in a cave, today - 14th February - is Valentine's Day! It is a day for the romantics where cards, chocolates, gifts and flowers are exhanged with loved ones, sometimes from mystery admirers... The history of Valentine's Day (according to Wikipedia) is quite interesting, dating back to AD 197 with the Valentine of Rome and the Valentine of Terri, both of whom were martyr's. It wasn't until around 14th and 15th century that there became romantic links to the day. Nowadays in America, Valentine's Day comes second only to Christmas in terms of the number of cards sent, where it is estimated by the US Greeting Card Association that approx 190 million cards are sent each year, which I must admit I find staggering!!


Now I've got to be honest here - Valentine's Day is not a day I've ever celebrated. And not because I've never loved or been loved, but because I feel its turned into a commercialised event that has lost true meaning, and I feel that we shouldn't need a day to remind us to show our loved ones how much they mean to us. Although when I told my then husband-to-be this in the lead up to our first Valentine's Day together, he apparently took that to me he never needs to buy me flowers, ever!! Hmm, pretty sure that's NOT what I meant, and 13 years on and I'm still trying to convince him that there ARE times that floweres are very much appreciated!! lol


All that being said, I do love finding amazing love themed parties and treats, so I thought I'd share a couple of my favourites with you. Style & Grace Wedding Function Hire co-ordintated a photo shoot last week which was totally dreamy! Check it out here for yourself, my favourites are the ruffle table cloth, the balloons (which we stock in our store), the cake stands (pink one was from Sweet Desires and is available online) and those yummy macarons from Lil Miss Macaron!


I also came across these cute rose cake pops today from Iced Jems featured on CatchMyParty and thought I'd share the link with you. Maybe you'd like to have a go at them for someone special in your life, or maybe you'd like to spoil yourself :)


So whether you're single or partenered, it doesn't matter. Today is the day to remember you ARE loved - by your partner, your children, your family or your best friends.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on Valentine's Day - what do you think about it and are you doing anything special today?

Rose cake pops