My middle daughter turned 7 at the end of January, and every single year since she's been born it has been boiling hot! Her last party was a mermaid pool party, so we needed another 'cool' party theme to try and given her love of all things sweet we decided an icecream party would be perfect. (Yes, like mother like daughter...)


Style Me Gorgeous have the cutest little icecream party printable range going around, so that's where we started! The set features pinks, purples, greens and yellows so we based the colour scheme on this. I was initially thinking we'd go with pastels, but ended up using candy colours which were a bit brighter and great for a vibrant and happy 7 year old, but still softer than hot pinks and lime greens. We styled a buffet table with the yummies, and had another long table set up for all the party kids to stand around for a couple of games, and we also had an adults table as our family and some of the guests' parents were at the party as well. There was lots of colour, lots of food, some fun games and lots of laughing!



The base for the buffet came in the form of one of our gorgeous table cloths, and we had matching cloths on the games table as well. (We chose the hot pink gathered edge one, but a white 3 tiered ruffled one would be stunning too.) Every buffet table needs a backdrop, and we used our Martha Stewart Paper Flowers. They are the easiest things in the world to assemble (just fold around onto themselves and peel back the tape!), give a great depth and instant colour.


The birthday cake took centre stage on the buffet table atop one of our stunning pink bon bon cake pedestals, which give great height and colour for a buffet. Surrounding the cake on white, sqaure platters were fruit kebabs (using fresh, juicy fruit in the party colours), icecream cookies (vanilla sugar cookies with royal icing), fairy bread (cut out in icecream cone shapes and using solid colour sprinkles) and cupcakes. To wash down these yummies were jugs of lemonade, pink milk and water. We also lined up the marshmellow pink stripe party bags along one end of the buffet (minus the icecream bowls which we used for a couple of the games).

buffet tablecookiescake 


Decorations came in the form of pink & white spot and yellow & white spot paper lanterns hanging from the eaves of the pergola. We also tied up loads of bunches of balloons - some polka dot, some solid colour, but all in the party colours.



What's a kids party without some games and activites?! There are soooo many fun things you can do with kids at parties, and it doesn't take much effort to customise them to your theme. Here is what we came up with for the girls...


Pin the cherry on the icecream

We made our own version of this game with a giant icecream in a cone and a spot for a plump cherry on top! Exactly the same concept as pin the tail on the donkey, but for our icecream party! The girls loved it!


Icecream sundae relay

We divided the girls up into pairs and had one girl from each pair sitting on a little chair holding a sundae bowl, with their partner about 5m away with a bowl of 10 cotton balls and a spoon. They had to balance the cotton balls on their spoons and get them into their partner's bowl. First team to have them all across won! We did this twice, with the pairs swapping their jobs so they all had a go.


Build a sundae game

Remember our spare table we had set out for games? Well while we were busy with another game, one of my lovely helpers (where would I be without my sister and Mum?!) set the table out with lots of yummy sundae toppings (served in an array of Le Petite Sweets compotes and vessels for varied height and sizes) right down the centre, with sundae bowls and spoons set out around the edge. I had made a big dice by sticking pieces of paper with directions on each side. These included:

  • add a runny topping
  • add a crunchy topping
  • add a topping using your left hand
  • have a taste test
  • run a lap around the table
  • add your favourite topping

We popped a big scoop of icecream in each bowl and then the girls took turns in rolling the dice and following the instructions.So the icecreams didn't melt we had a couple of adults helping the girls when they rolled so we could keep it moving quickly.  When the creations were starting to melt, it was time to enjoy them!

The toppings we had included mini musks, crushed nuts (just check on nut allergies with guests before you serve these!), maraschino cherries, gummy bears, mini marshmellows, sprinkles and smarties (pink and white of course!). Lots of these lollies are available on our facebook page. I also made strawberry syrup and chocolate topping and served them in mini milk bottles.

build an icecream sundae


Paper Eskimo party bags have great little gussets at the base making the stand up on their own, and meaning you can fit lots of goodies in if you want to! As with the rest of the party, I wanted to theme the party bag favours, so I made extra strawberry syrup and chocolate sauce and filled little bottles so each guest had one of each flavour in their bag for their own sundaes at home. (They were a bit scrummy, if I must say so myself!! lol) I had stumbled across the sundae bowls and spoons on a shopping trip a few weeks earlier - on clearance for $1ea and the perfect number I needed. Surely it was meant to be, right?! We used these for the relay and build a sundae game, and with the aid of my wonderful helpers they were washed up and popped in the party bags ready to take home and enjoy their own sundaes :) A couple of balloons, some pink/white smarties and some icecream lollies were added in for good measure too.


Of course there were extra bits and pieces I had wanted to do but didn't quite get to (when isn't there?!) but that didn't seem to worry the birthday girl or her beautiful friends <3

birthday cake