Sometimes when it comes to thinking about what food we're going to serve at parties, we get a bit caught up in all the 'treat' foods and it can be easy to forget that healthy options can be just as fun.


Let these ideas inspire you to include some healthy options at your next party too...


1.Sesame Street fruit and veggie platters, image courtesy of The Food FriendsSesame Street fruit and veg platters

2. Dip and veggie stick pots, image courtesy of Annie's Eats (by the way, these little pots are part of a VERY cute Sesame Street party she threw for her 3yo son. Definitely worth checking it out!)dip and veggie sticks pots


3. Fruit kebabs, image courtesy of Follow pics

Fruit kebabs


4. Pirate bananas, image courtesy of Grubby Little FacesPirate bananas


5. Owl fresh fruit 'cake', image courtesy of Pinterest (haven't been able to source the original maker of this one, please let us know if you know so we can give credit!)Owl fresh fruit cake


6. Noah's Ark fresh fruit 'cake', image courtesy of Working Mom Cook FusionNoahs ark fresh fruit cake


7. Fresh fruit cake, image courtesy of Pinterest (again I can't locate the orginal source of this one - please let me know if you know so I can give credit!)Fresh fruit cake


8. Flower fruit pops, image courtesy of Bakers Royale

Flower fruit pops


I nearly always include a platter of fruit kebabs at my kids parties, using a mix of seasonal fruits to match my colour theme (having all girls helps here!) and there are never any left over. What healthy party foods do you find popular?