How many cakes to you have for each child's birthday?? So there's a cake for their actual birthday to share with the family on the day, there's something to share with their friends and teacher at school/kindy/child care, and there's a cake for their party! How do you manage it - do you do cakes for all of these ocassions, or just one or two, which one is the main cake or are they all spectacular works of art?


At my baby girl's 3rd birthday party a couple of weeks ago, we got talking about this topic. My Mum made a comment about hwo much you remember about your childhood birthday's as adults. Well, maybe I'm a bit left of centre (and you don't all need to agree with that too loudly! lol) but what I remember of birthday's is searching through birthday cake books trying decide on THE cake for this birthday (no internet back then!), and then the cake itself, and of course presents. I remember a few of the parties from when I was a bit older, but I don't really recall have big parties as kids - it was more about family and a special friend for a sleep over.


I was pretty lucky, my Mum was a great cook and cake decorator, as was her Mum. I guess my love of cake decorating has been a long time in the making. I have been lucky to have had a good teacher and was given loads of opportunities to bake as a child. I recall many school holidays and weekends baking chocolate cakes! Anyway, I digress slightly, back to the number of birthday cakes... ;)


So here's my general rule for birthday cakes - the main, fancy, spectacular cake is for the birthday party. This is the one they can share with their friends and extended family, and they play a big part in choosing the cake, colours and themes (sometimes with a few gentles pushes in the right direction if I have an idea I'm busting to try out!!). I like to take something into school or child care for them as well, as we never have a party involving their whole class! They love having the class sing "Happy Birthday" to them, being made a fuss of and it really makes them feel extra special! Then we track down the siblings at school so they don't miss out ;). I always do cupcakes for this so its quicker and easier for the teacher and less mess. Grab a cupcake and they all head out under a tree to enjoy them before recess. The birthday girl chooses what baking cups they'd like them in and what flavour cake, and I do the rest here. And this is the bit where I cheat a little - I always make extras here and keep some in the freezer. So on their actual birthday, after tea, our family have one cupcake each, nothing too fancy, and sing along for the birthday girl.


Time feels like it goes so slowly as a child, each birthday takes such a long time to come around! I love being able to spoil my girls on their birthdays, and not necessarily with presents and material things, but with love and attention! How does it work in your house?? I'd love you to share...