I've failed dismally in my attempts at regular blog posts!!! Part of the problem of course is lack of time, and part of it is coming up with ideas that may interest you. So I've gone back to basics and decided I'll try my very best at some of the simple things - party ideas, recipes and news from Sweet Desires HQ. Hopefully its a recipe for success (excuse the pun!) ;)


So, I asked on my facebook page today for party theme ideas for tonights blog, and there were some super ideas in the mix! But since a couple of people asked for high tea I thought that was a good place to start. And since I love all things vintage, lets make it a vintage high tea! This super versatile theme can be used right across the board - for sweet little girls who love tea parties, celebrating 16th, 18th or 21st birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, right through to Grandma's 80th and every where in between! Obviously tweak the ideas, but lots of components are very adaptable.


Lets start with the party table. We need to set the scene after all! There are loads of colour palettes that will work beautifully here, but I'm go with a mix of pinks and white with a splash of gold. Super dreamy and classy. Location is one of the first things to consider. HIgh teas are perfect for hosting in the garden on a stunning Autumn day. If you don't have a suitable garden to use, why not consider a quiet corner of a local park, or even a patio or pergola. Aim for loads of natural light, giving a light and breezy atmosphere. Now lets think about the table - dress your table with a pale pink cloth and then add a vintage lace cloth over the top. If you struggle finding a lace cloth try scouring some op shops or searching Grandma's linen closet. Head to the florist (or the back yard if you're a keen gardener!) and get hold of some stunning and fragrant David Austin roses in pinks, whites and creams. I like balance so grab two bunches of these and pop them on your table in glass vases or white compotes. Add a stunning pink or white cake stand in between the roses and two stands outside the roses with more yummy treats. If you're wanting to turn the table into a buffet add some glass jars filled with sweet treats or rose petals at the back and some glass milk bottles with pink milk and polka dot paper straws along the front. Or you can set the table for the guests with pink lace paper plates and cups, and pretty pink napkins (or floral napkins if you prefer). If you're having a grown up vintage high tea see if you can find some old floral cups and saucers. They don't all have to match, it can be a quirky talking point about the history of each set! Again try op shops and Grandma's cupboard.


Now we can decorate! My favourite part ;) Grab a pack or two of tissue pom poms and hang them at varying lengths around your party space - from tree branches, verandah's, the roof if you're undercover, and generally anywhere you can! The more you can hang the bigger impact they'll make. Add in a few paper lanterns around the place - not too many but just enough for some contrast. And get creative with some paper doilies. You can buy packs of 50 for a couple of dollars, then get out the silver and pink spray paint cans and give them a burst of colour. Small painted doilies make perfect name tags (both for guests and food), larger ones look pretty hanging around as well, and stick or sew some together to make your own bunting for around the edge of the table and/or the verandah.


Shall we talk food yet? Its sounding pretty soft and dreamy so far, lets continue that over into the food ideas! I'm thinking dainty and delectable... You don't need heaps of different food for a high tea, but consider options like sandwich fingers, savoury muffins and quiches for savoury food as these can all be made in a variety of flavours without having to make whole new dishes. For sweet food you can't go past cupcakes, sweet tartlets (chocolate, citrus tart, lemon meringue, etc), friands, macarons, and maybe some cute little cookies shaped like teapots and cups and iced and decorated beautifully. Keep everything teeny tiny and serve on your best floral platters with gold edging.


What party is complete without a little something to send home with the guests? For the little guests, maybe a ribbon wand will be a perfect touch, or for the bigger guests you could tie a gorgeous ribbon around a sweet teaspoon in tea party or victorian designs.


Tissue pompomsVintage high tea food ideas

Images courtesy of The Glass Slipper by Blush & Tea With Mary Kate