Thanks so much to everyone who took part in our competition to name our new oven. So far she's baked about 300 cupcakes and 6 big cakes, and they are just perfect. Its amazing how much difference an oven can make!


We have a winner in our "Name our Newest Baby" competition... We loved lots of your suggestions, but the one we love just a tiny bit more than some of the others was actually the very first name that was suggested! But there was also a name we loved, but as a nickname for our baby, so we've decided to have a winner (who receives a $50 voucher) and a runner up (who receives a $20 voucher). So without any further ado we'd like to introduce...


who also answers to "Baby Cakes"

Unox Domenica

Congratulations to our winner, Olivia Roach, and runner up Nicole Barbary!! Please email us for details on how to claim your voucher.


Many thanks again to everyone for playing, and for your fab suggestions. I'm really looking forward to baking up a storm with Bessie and hope you can enjoy some of the goodness we create together!