A few months ago now I had an email pop up in my inbox that surprised me. It was from a stylist at a national magazine asking for some of my cake stands for a shoot she was styling  on "Top Ten Cake Platters". I couldn't believe it!!! Little old me, being approached by a national magazine, really??!! How amazing. I totally LOVE what I do and the products I bring you, but didn't really have any idea how much everyone else loved it too! What a thrill and honour to have been a part of the super beautiful shoot!


Last week I grabbed the November issue of Home Beautiful, flicked through to page 74, and found an absolutely stunning spread featuring our square scalloped edged cake stand. And then I was blown away all over again by how many of the other featured products we stock!!! By the way, our featured square scalloped edge cake stand is going to be available a loads of other beautiful colours very soon! And we also stock the black Rococco Noir cake stand (2) (we also also stock this in medium, and very soon large as well), (5) pink bon bon cake stand (also available in white in a couple of short weeks), (9) two tiered floral cake stand (with matching milk jug and blue polka dot cups). And then there's the accessories - tissue pom poms which we stock in pink, purple, blue, white and silver, glass milk bottles, paper straws in spots and stripes in pretty much every colour of the rainbow (including some multi coloured/patterened packs!), glass lolly jars and napkins!


So now its your turn to run off to your newsagent and grab your November issue of Home Beautiful, flick to page 74, and enjoy the eye candy for yourself!!! Hope you love it too!


(ps, sorry we can't load pics on the blog at the moment. To see the spread, check out our facebook page)