Before Sweet Desires was even born, while still in the "I would so love to own a gorgeous party/baking/gift store" phase, I spent countless hours searching for the best suppliers of stylish wares. I contacted the ones I fell in love with, and thought my customers would also love, and some came to the party (excuse the pun!!) like Paper Eskimo, and others didn't, like Sambellina. At the time Sambellina weren't accepting any new stockists in the online world, and I was so disappointed, but alas I didn't give up there! Being somewhat determined, I felt sure one day I they would be ready for more stockists, and when that day arrived I was hoping to be first in line. So I kept in contact every now and then, just letting them know I still really loved their products, my business had got off to an amazing start and I felt sure their divine range would complement what we have perfectly. And it all paid off when one day, relatively out of the blue, an email came through saying welcome to the Sambellina family! You can't imagine how excited I was (well, actually if you follow my facebook page and subscribe to my newsletter you've probably got a bit of an idea, lol).


So why am I so excited to stock Sambellina, I hear you ask??? Well, lets start with their cups and plates since that was what I first fell in love with. Two words here ... SPOTS and STRIPES. My two most favourite things ever!! And then the colours these spots and stripes come in ... pinks, blues, greens, multi's, neutrals. And then the shapes ... the usual round plate, but also the super funky square plate! The possibilities with these are just endless. Spots or stripes in contrasting colours, spots or stripes in complementary colours, a mix of spots AND stripes, and so it goes on!


What else do I love? Their invitations, which offer new themes to go with our range of super cute and sparkly Paper Eskimo invites. What boys don't love trains? Cute trains to set the scene for a groovy party with their mates. And gardens for the girls, with adorable little toadstools and flowers - set the party table up in a corner of the backyard next to a daisy bush and voila, instant theme! And the matching gift tags are too cute, but there are also matching THANK YOU notes. Which brings me to the next thing I love about Sambellina ...


They're helping up bring back MANNERS!! Good old fashioned manners. Teaching our kids to appreciate what they're lucky enough to have so they don't take it for granted. Taking the time to sit with our kids and think about each special gift from each special friend and writing a note to them to thank them for the thought and effort put into choosing it, and for sharing their most special day! After all, what is a birthday without family and friends, and how nice does it feel to be appreciated?


And finally, when I thought it couldn't get much better, just released is their brand new and super gorgeous range of party boxes. Just like with the cups and plates, we've got a great mix of spots and stripes, scalloped edge or straight edge, and again the possibilites are just endless!


I really do hope you love the Sambellina range as much as I love being able to bring it to you. Here's the big question ...



Do tell, I'd really love to hear!