Are you looking for some cute party food ideas? These orange jelly boats are super cute, great for both boys and girls, and quick and easy to make! It doesn't get much better!


Here's what you need:

4 large oranges, cut in half

2 packets of jelly, colour of your choice (you can get jelly using natural colours and flavours to make it that bit healthier too)

4 sheets of edible rice paper, or regular paper if you prefer

16 toothpicks


And now for what you need to do:

Using a sharp knife, cut out the flesh from the oranges, and then scrap out the remaining pieces with a spoon. Be very careful not to prick the skins.

Prepare the jelly as per the packet instructions, but ONLY USE HALF THE AMOUNT OF WATER. This jelly needs to be stronger than regular jelly. Fill each of the orange halves right to the top with your jelly mix.

Pop them in the fridge until the jelly is set through. You might like to sit them in muffin tins or something similar to keep them steady while you fill/set them.

Lastly, you need to make the sails by cutting triangles of rice paper (you can do this while the jelly is setting) and threading a toothpick through and into the jelly. You can also use regular coloured/patterend paper if you prefer.

When the jellies are fully set, with a sharp knife, trim the top of the orange skin to level with the top of the jelly if needed, then cut each one in half, and attach the sail.

Orange Jelly Boats

(Image courtesy of 4th Sense Cooking)


You can theme these to the colour scheme of you party by choosing matching jelly and sail colours.

Try serving them on a platter with scrunched up blue cellophane as the ocean (you could use blue jelly as the ocean but the oranges would get messy bottoms!)

Draw pirate designs on the flags for your pirate party, and surround them with gold chocolate coins.

Use lots of different coloured jellies and sails for a rainbow party.

Use the flesh you cut out of the oranges in fruit salad cups or fruit kebabs so there's minimal wastage.

Have fun experimenting and enjoy!