So I've been attending quite a few markets and shows in the last month or so, but yesterday I had a stall at the Moot Yang Gunya Festival just down the road at Mundulla, SA. The theme for this year's show was "Food From Our Backyard" and was right up my alley! The show committee have, and always do, work tiredlessly to ensure each year's show is loads of fun and appeals to a diverse audience and this year was no exception. The main attraction yesterday was none other than celebrity chef Simon Bryant, of "The Cook And The Chef" ABC TV fame. There was a nice big marquee erected with a stage similar to another TV show, "Ready Steady Cook" and show goers were encouraged to bring along a box of food from their back yard and Simon, along with a couple of other amazing chefs (Ian Perry, Paul Burchel & co) created some awesome dishes. After all the produce was dropped off first thing in the morning (and there was loads - duck eggs, eggplant, figs, tomatoes, meat and sooo much more!), those who brought the 'best' produce were invited to help them cook. What a thrill!! With three cook offs during the day, the marquee was overflowing each time, with keen show goers lining the walls and spilling out of the doors to see the action.


I was so busy on my stall that I only manage to sneak off to stick me head in the least crowded door for about 5 minutes. Simon was cooking lamb parcels and something with potato, I think to quote him "something quick"! They were running out of time by then. The aroma in the marquee was awesome, and while I was hopeful my 5 minute peak would give me a 'fix' it really just made me wish I could see more!!


Knowing how much Simon loves chillies, I was inspired to bake some chocolate chilli mud cupcakes. I had these on sale at my stall throughout the day, and it was quite amusing watching people's reactions as they worked out these little babies had CHILLI in them! While I had secretly hoped SImon would stroll by my stall, I knew he would be super busy with his own committments so I had taken one packaged up for him which I delivered as he was packing up ready to leave. He was so lovely and I really enjoyed meeting him. My kidslets thought it was pretty darn cool too (they still hear the music at the start of "The Cook and The Chef" when the reruns are on and call out to me "Mum, you're favourite show's on" and sit with me to watch it!). Simon was kind enough to stop for a happy snap, sign a business card for me (that won't be getting handed out!) and keep on his merry way. We are both off to the South East Field Days at Lucindale in just under two weeks. and we made a deal for another chocolate chilli mud cupcake then. Looking forward to it!


Our whole family are huge fans of Simon's - we love his food, his laid back character, his philosophies and how down to earth he is. It was an absolute pleasure to meet him.