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I need your help please!

29/02/2012 4:06:07 PM

We've been selling cupcakes at markets for well over 12 months now, and still don't have signage for our flavours that I'm at all happy with. I've been trying to think of a simple sentence full of describing words to sum up each flavour so when someone reads it on a little sign by our cupcakes at markets they know what a treat they're in for. So pop your thinking caps on, get your thesaurus out, and leave your suggestions right here on the blog! If I use your sentence, I'll be sending you a voucher for a free cupcake in that flavour for you to use at any market we're at.

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Posted in News By Leini Fiebig

How many birthday cakes does it take?

15/06/2011 12:28:57 PM

How many cakes to you have for each child's birthday?? So there's a cake for their actual birthday to share with the family on the day, there's something to share with their friends and teacher at school/kindy/child care, and there's a cake for their party! How do you manage it - do you do cakes for all of these ocassions, or just one or two, which one is the main cake or are they all spectacular works of art?

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Posted in News By Leini Fiebig