The one downfall of the wonderful big wide world of the internet is that you can't "touch and feel" items to be sure you are getting a high quality product. So how do we get around this? Easy ... by reading reviews that others who have purchased the item have left.


Lets face it, word of mouth really is the best thing. Its one way we can hear an impartial opinion - no-one trying to sell you anything, no vested interest, just real feedback through an honest opinion on how someone else has found that product. You get to know how it translates into every day use, find out if it really is as wonderful as it claims to be, and get ideas of different ways products can be used.


So this is where YOU step in! Every single product in our online store has a 'review' option. When you click through to an item where you can see the full description and photos, directly under the item's name, next to the 'Email to a friend' link, you will see 'Review this product'. Once clicked you can then leave your thoughts. Some things which might be of interest to others could include:

  • how relevant that product is to its purpose
  • the quality of it
  • what you used it for
  • how you used it
  • whether it lasted as long as you'd hoped or expected
  • whether it was as you'd expected (ie size, colour, quality, uses, etc)
  • and anything else that you might find useful when you are trying to decide whether to purchase something!


How does this translate into SAVINGS I hear you ask! We understand that it takes a couple of minutes to leave a review of a product, and we really value your opinions and time, but we want to make our store as helpful and informative as we can. When you puchase any of our products and then leave a review within 6 weeks of purchasing, we will REFUND you 10% of the purchase price for that item! There will be no coupon or code required, its not dependant on further orders, its just our way of saying thank you.


To ensure there's no confusion, here's the fine print, lol.

  • refunds will be processed once reviews have been approved by admin
  • reviews won't appear on the website automatically as all are moderated
  • refunds will be made via the same method as payment was made at time of purchase
  • refund will be 10% of puchase price
  • if multiple quantities of a particular product is purchased refund will be made on all (ie two packs of same design cups will receive discount on both packets)
  • if the same product is ordered in different colours (eg baking cups in two designs), reviews must be posted for each product (copy & paste is fine)


So we hope you enjoy this new way to SAVE, and that other people's reviews help you make an informed choice with your next order. :)