The question was posed ... fruit cake v's mud cake this Christmas? We put it out there to see what you'd prefer, had a fabulous 60 responses, and punched the numbers in to to find a winner.


But before we get to that bit, I was surprised by the findings! It seems we don't have too many traditionalists amongst the crowds, with mud cakes drawing 34 votes, fruit cakes 22, and a few cheeky ones voting for both, and even a vote for black forest!! lol


And in case you're unsure how we came to decide on the winner, the proof's in the pudding, so to speak! You will notice we started at number 2 as I made the first comment on the post, so a huge big congratulations to DI FILMER!!!!!! You've won yourself a nut free mud cake this Christmas! xx


(ps sorry we are having trouble uploading the screen shot of to show you that it chose number 15 which is the comment by Di Filmer. I will try and get it up on our facebook page in the meantime!)